As the population grows, more homes in your area can mean more overloaded drainage systems. Whatever you are planning to have done in your home, consideration has to be made for the drainage otherwise it can increase the risk of flooding and could cause considerable damage and expense for you in the future.

If you are thinking about having a new driveway installed for instance where there is currently a garden, provision has to be made for extra drainage due to the new laws that have been introduced. Our experienced team will help and guide you on the requirements necessary and ensure you have sufficient drainage for your new driveway or extension.

We are specialist installers of drainage and can install new drainage systems or repair or redirect existing drainage for whatever purpose.

Insufficient drainage can lead to big problems and water will eventually deteriorate block paving if left standing.

We use linear drainage channels for an easy way of diverting rainwater away from your driveway and into a domestic drain. Linear drainage channels are excellent quality and are Ideal for driveways, patios and pathways. The channels come in a range of sizes, strengths and grating options and is user friendly with any type of block paving, flagstones, tarmac or concrete.

Linear drainage channels have protective gates so they are child friendly.

We use recessed manhole covers to disguise the manhole, inspection chamber and access fittings. We use them to blend into the driveway rather than stick out like a sore thumb. When you have taken time to choose a block paved driveway for instance and taken care with choosing the design, you really do not want a bland manhole cover to spoil the look. Our manhole covers are unrecognizable when they are blended into your driveway or patio.

We guarantee to beat any genuine written quotation on any drainage needs!

You can find us on Thomsonlocal and Yell or better still, give us a call to arrange a free site visit to discuss your requirements on Freephone 0800 046 1091, we look forward to helping you.